We can offer vouchers for any movie of your customer's choice, or a specific film or
range of films that you select.

We can offer vouchers covering the whole cost of the film, or a selected value off a movie. You can choose which of our partner sites you would like your customers to be able to redeem their voucher with, either www.virginmedia.com/onlinemovies, www.film4od.com or film.ee.co.uk/filmstore. You can buy as many or as few vouchers as you need, in whatever denominations you require.


All voucher codes are single-use and unique to the user, not blanket codes which get mis-used online.


As soon as your customer receives their voucher, they can redeem it and watch their movie online straightaway. There's no waiting, nothing to be mailed out, no physical fulfilment costs.


If you're interested in talking to us about movie vouchers for your promotion, please send an email to vouchers@filmflexmovies.com outlining your requirements and budget.


If you're looking for more than just a simple voucher giveaway, find out how to offer a variety of movie promotions to your customers in Promotional Opportunities.