We work with the best in the business to provide our customers with access to the
highest quality content using the most innovative technology available.

Platform Partners
Virgin Media TV
We have managed Virgin Media’s movies-on-demand service on its cable network (now to over 3.7 million homes) since it launched in 2005.
Virgin Media Online Movies
We launched our first online movie service in partnership with Virgin Media in April 2010. www.onlinemovies.virginmedia.com
We partnered with Film4 for our second online streaming service, Film4oD, launched in October 2010.
EE Film
We partnered with EE to offer an online cinema listing and VOD movie service, EE Film, launched in October 2012. www.film.ee.co.uk/film
Content Suppliers

We have agreements with over 30 content owners including all the major studios and
the majority of independent film distributors.

Technology Partners
We have partnered with Piksel, a leading developer of digital media platforms, to build our online movie services.
We work with Encompass, a top digital media services provider, to encode and transcode our content into the various formats we require.
We work with Pharos, a leading media software solutions company, to prepare and distribute our content onto our diverse platforms.
We collaborate with Ostmodern, video-on-demand design and user experience experts, on the user journey and visual appearance of our online services.
We have partnered with PayWizard, a multi-screen payment platform that provides a single-click payment experience without the need to enter login details or passwords.
Outsorcery Creative
We work with Outsorcery Creative, a dynamic web design and creative development company, to create digital designs and creative concepts.