Everyone loves movies, and associating your brand with the latest films can have enormous value.

We can tailor a film promotion to meet your needs.

Whether you want to offer your customers a specific film, a range of themed movies, or a choice of anything they want to watch, we can create the promotion for you. We can build a custom microsite just for your promotion, or we can offer the option to access movies through one of our existing services:

www.virginmedia.com/onlinemovies, www.film4od.com or film.ee.co.uk/filmstore


If you're interested in talking to us about the range of promotional opportunities available, please send an email to promotions@filmflexmovies.com outlining your requirements.


If you're looking to offer films to your customers on an ongoing basis, find out how we can create a movie service tailored to your needs in Become a Partner