We have a wide range of experience and expertise in sourcing, processing, delivering
and promoting content.

Procuring Content

We have agreements with over 30 content owners including all the major studios and the majority of independent film distributors. This means that we can offer your customers everything from the latest releases to much-loved classics. While we currently only offer movies, we have the potential to expand our agreements to cover TV and other content. Find out more about the content we offer in Become a Partner.

Processing Content

We have a vast range of experience in processing content. We currently aggregate films from over 30 different content owners as well as promotional video content, images and metadata associated with these assets. We encode hundreds of films each month, as well as transcoding standard definition, HD and 3D variants. We deliver across both television and broadband platforms. To find out more about our content processing abilities, please send an email to processing@filmflexmovies.com outlining your requirements.

Platform Development

If you have content and are looking for a way to deliver it to your customers, we can customise our existing white-label online service to meet your needs or develop a bespoke platform for you. As well as having a proven track record in delivering online platforms, we have spent a long time researching and understanding how consumers want to access content online. We can use this understanding to build a service which is driven by providing the best possible user experience, not just what the technology can deliver. If you're interested in finding out more about the platform we could develop for you, please contact platforms@filmflexmovies.com with details of what you're looking for.

TV Services

We have nine years experience of providing a video on demand film service on the Virgin Media cable TV platform in over 3.7m households. We currently offer a range of over 500 films on the platform, including a huge range of the latest releases, many of which we get at the same time as the DVD release, with a variety of titles also in HD and 3D. We also recently launched the TalkTalk Box Office service. Whether you’re looking for a transactional or subscription movie VOD service, we can build a bespoke offering to meet your needs. While we currently only operate in the UK, we have the potential to extend our platform and existing agreements with movie distributors to cover other territories. Find out how to offer your customers a TV movie service tailored to your needs in Become a Partner.

Online Services

We currently provide online streaming and download movie services for Virgin Media: www.virginmedia.com/onlinemovies, Film4: www.film4od.com and EE: film.ee.co.uk/filmstore. These services share the same functionality, but the designs have been customised to appeal to these partners' very different user groups. Find out how to offer your customers an online movie service tailored to your needs in
Become a Partner.

Bespoke Services

We can tailor a movie service to meet your needs. If you need to offer a large range of movies to a wide range of customers on an ongoing basis, a small selection, or even a single film, to a limited number of people in the short-term, we can do this, and everything in between. Find out how to offer your customers a movie service tailored to your needs in Become a Partner.

Promotional Video Content

We produce a range of bespoke short-form videos and longer form featurettes to promote the films available on our services. If required, video content can be tailored to meet the needs of your target audience; otherwise we have a huge range of material available off the shelf. To find out more about using our promotional video content, please send an email to video@filmflexmovies.com outlining your requirements.

Promotional Channel

As well as creating bespoke video content for use on demand, we also have experience programming, creating content for and scheduling promotional channels. We currently operate a 24/7 linear TV barker channel for Virgin Media, showcasing the range of content we offer on their TV VOD platform. To find out more about our linear promotional channel services, please contact channels@filmflexmovies.com with details of what you require.


We write our own metadata for hundreds of films a month and have an archive of metadata on thousands of movies. As well as basic synopsis and cast information, we produce a range of trivia and interesting facts. We also have extensive metadata about a range of actors, writers and directors. As well as providing a huge range of off the shelf content, we can create bespoke content to meet your needs. To find out more about using our metadata, please email us at metadata@filmflexmovies.com telling us about your requirements.